A good part of the vintage growing season happens in the prior year. The growing season was a mild spring in 2020, with reasonable but not extreme rainfall, which are excellent growing conditions for vines and producing fruit with fantastic intensity.  This year the Malbec grapes were picked slightly riper to allow a higher sugar and concentrated flavour development. A full-bodied wine that has all the features to be enjoyed with steak, a chocolate dessert or on a cold day in front of a fireplace.

Best Malbec Wine in Australia

When you look at the purple to ruby colour with that magenta rim it tells you something about the grape varietal. You discover in this wine, next to rhubarb marmalade, star anise, violets, vanilla, and butterscotch a wide range of powerful fruit aromas like blackberries, redcurrant, and cherries. On the palate you identify that this luscious wine has the same energy, fresh and intense aromas as on the nose. Drink the wine slightly cooler than room temperature in a large Bordeaux glass and you will have a smooth and supple finish with silky tannins across your tongue.


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