Rosé Pinot Grigio

Our aim is to create a fresh and textured wine. The skin of the Pinot Grigio gives the winemaker a unique opportunity to create a Rosé that is distinctive in its colour and complexity. Machine harvesting and three days of fermentation on skins gives this wine its colour, unique flavours, and structural tannins. When the desired texture is reached the fermentation is continued in stainless-steel tanks without the skins until dry. To elevate fragrance and enhance mouthfeel, the wine spends six weeks on Vermentino lees, with minimal battonage.

Best Pinot Grigio Rosé Wine in Australia

Produced from the dark Pinot Grigio grape this wine exhibits a unique copper colour. Inspired by creating a complex and textured Rosé – this wine expresses its own outstanding characteristics. Aromas of watermelon and rose petal are distinct and engaging on the nose. On the palate there is detail of cumin and coriander spices, plum marmalade, raspberry and cherry. Skin and lees contact add another dimension of depth and savoury drinkability whilst the phenolic structure is teasing and tactile, creating a finish with layers and length. This textural and food-friendly wine finds its harmony paired with prosciutto, crustaceans, and Asian cuisines.

pinot grigio rose