The history of Margaret River as a wine region

T h e h i s t o r y o f M a r g a r e t R i v e r a s a w i n e r e g i o n

Let’s travel back in time

A wine region that produces two percent of the total Australian wine grape production but produces over 20% of Australia’s premium wine market. That is impressive! And yes, we are talking about Margaret River.

Let us tell you more about this magical region!

The Margaret River wine region was founded by five pioneers in the late ‘60s. Although we have known this region for a long time, it is still new to the wine world – in comparison with the world’s oldest wine region of [Vayots Dzor, Armenia], dating back to approximately 4,000 BC.

We have a moderate Mediterranean climate and cool maritime influence that is like the Bordeaux region of France in a dry year. Mother nature gives us a strong seasonal consistency between vintages and creates the ability to achieve perfectly ripe fruit in most years.

As a number one visited wine region for domestic travellers and number three by international visitors there is no shortage of cellar doors to visit. From a visit to the classic founders of the region to small boutique wine estates like us.

Some facts

  • Only 3 hours’ drive from Perth.
  • The region is over a 100km long and 30km wide.
  • Total size of region is 213,000Ha of which 3% is under vine.
  • It counts 290 vineyards.
  • The ridge from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin is predominantly gravelly loam on granite and gneiss.
  • Annual rainfall of 1,000mm+ and has with that the most marked maritime climate of any region in Australia.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, with 20.9%, is the most planted grape varietal. At number two Sauvignon Blanc with 19.2%, followed by Chardonnay and Shiraz with 17.8% and 13.4% respectively.
  • 59% of Western Australia’s bottled wine export value is from Margaret River.

This is a place that brings people together. Every day we are reminded that we are in a remarkable place in the world and that it is truly a privilege to take part in the growth of this exquisite wine region. It’s understandable that once you arrive, you may never want to leave.

Our dedication is to preserve the legacy of the Margaret River region by producing high-quality wines whilst providing an exceptional and memorable experience for guests.

Our sustainably grown wine tells you our story – we cannot wait to share that story with you!

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